Employment Law

Our services in labor law are comprehensive and diverse. We advise small businesses as well als employees starting with the review and drawing up of employment contracts. Furthermore, we are your lawyers in the areas of dismissal protection and testimonials.


Priorities in the context of protection against dismissal

  • Advice and representation in dismissals
  • Keeping a job, Maximum severance payment
  • Tax-optimized settlement agreement by Tax Consultants
  • Release from work, Salary, Overtime, Holidays, Christmas and Holiday Pay etc.
  • General and special protection against Dismissal, Pregnancy, Parental Leave, Disability etc.
  • Enforcing your rights in actions against unfair Dismissal
  • Assistance in dealing with the Federal Work Agency, avoiding payment defaults

More services

  • Drawing up of employment and service contracts
  • Settlement and termination agreements
  • Advice concerning unfounded Calls to order. Pay Disputes, Overtime Pay, Paid or Unpaid Leave, Maternity Protection, Disability, Displacement, Illness, Holidays etc.
  • Testimonials: Drawing up - checking - optimizing